Re-visioning Research’s Think-Aloud Protocol: Providing Your Students a Window to Witness (and Contemplate) Your Expert Disciplinary Practices

Annamary Consalvo, The University of Texas at Tyler


Do your students struggle to efficaciously navigate texts in your courses? Do you wonder if it is ability or motivation? Do you think that they really ought to know how by now, as college students? The answer may be a qualified “yes” to one or more of these questions. The think aloud is a protocol that can unveil to students your practices as a disciplinary expert and better prepare them to take on the challenges of particular problems. Each academic discipline approaches its tasks and challenges in unique, and even cultural ways, and often those approaches are invisible to novices. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to understand what a think aloud is, through demonstration, discussion and examination of research literature. Participants will draft, develop and practice conducting a think-aloud for fellow participants who will offer structured and supportive feedback.