As digital technology becomes more common on college campuses and multimodal compositions are assigned by more instructors, writing centers must incorporate support for multimodal projects into their tutoring. However, no method for training writing center tutors to understand the basic principles of multimodal compositions is currently available. This thesis, therefore, proposes a method for training multimodal expert tutors in writing centers which focuses on both the importance of rhetorical choices in communicating a message in different media and on the basic principles of design for four primary areas: visual, audio, video, and web design. Example tutor training handouts for these design principles are also provided. This tutor training is flexible and adaptable for different writing centers that have different needs, and the method can also be built upon with training in specific genres of media if necessary or desired at a given writing center. The proposed multimodal expert training method offers a starting point for writing centers interested in beginning to support multimodal projects.

Date of publication

Fall 12-10-2021

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Matthew Kelly, Emily Standridge, Tara Propper


Master of Arts in English

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