By looking at specific elements and the somewhat formulaic use of these elements within each of Radcliffe’s published works this paper looks at how Radcliffe evolved as an author and how this evolution within her works contributed to the evolution of the gothic genre in general during the time period in which she was writing and shortly thereafter. It focuses on how each of these elements, such as certain character archetypes, settings and themes, along with other more minor elements share certain characteristics from text to text within Radcliffe’s body of works but are still adapted to suit each individual text showcasing the evolution over time of these elements. In doing so it explains how each element is used in each text and compares them to the previous texts in order to show how they have changed over time. By looking at the evolution that occurred with each element it can then look at how some of this potential evolution might also have impacted the wider gothic genre as a whole following the career of Radcliffe.

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Spring 5-4-2021

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Dr. Ross, Dr. Tilghman, Dr. Kelly


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