In 1918 Ernest M. Hemingway served along the Soča Front during the last months of the Great War. Better known as the Isonzo Front, the Soča Front was the battle lines between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy. The history of this front is connected to the First World War from the very beginning. Hemingway’s novel, A Farewell to Arms (FTA), several of his poems, and the Nick Adams’ stories are all based on the First World War. For this reason, the study of the history behind the war is important in order to better understand Hemingway’s works connected directly to the war. Studying the historical and geographical setting of FTA, the Nick Adams’ stories and Hemingway’s poetry will give scholars and students a deeper understanding of the works as well as a deeper understanding of Hemingway. Furthermore, after a study of the historical setting, a group of often overlooked people groups becomes visible buried underneath Hemingway’s writing. This project will first look to the historical setting of FTA and Hemingway’s poetry, and will then look to the “other” of Hemingway’s writing in order to gain a better understanding of Hemingway and his writing.

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Spring 5-1-2017

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Dr Ann Beebe, Dr Carol Tilghman, Dr Anett Jessop


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