An antenna is a transitional structure between free-space and a guiding device. Different types of antennas have different properties in terms of its radiation characteristics, directivity and gain. One of the antennas, which play an important role in advanced wireless communication systems, is the smart antenna. One of the most remarkable properties of a smart antenna is that it is capable of directing its main beam towards the direction of the individual user and the nulls in the direction of interfering signals. There are different configurations for smart antennas. One of these configurations is the Uniform Circular Array Antenna (UCA). In this work, it is proposed to steer the radiation pattern of a uniform circular array antenna in the azimuthal plane by keeping the driven elements at the same position and dynamically adding and removing reflectors and directors. The proposed design is composed of a total of 25 elements arranged in two concentric circles, of which 8 are used as directors, 14 as reflectors and 3 as fixed driven elements.

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Fall 8-2011

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