Cardiorespiratory interactions considered as an important indicator of neurodevelopment of preterm infants. The strength of cardiorespiratory interactions are presumed to be weak and rapidly fluctuating. The current signal processing algorithms are insufficient to capture such time varying weak interactions. In addition, detection of these interactions becomes difficult during life threatening events due to lack of information available due to apnea (absence of output from respiratory system) and the transient temporal destabilization of cardiac system due to bradycardia. To detect the cardiorespiratory interactions, a point process algorithm of cardiac system with respiration as covariates is proposed. The bivariate model is embedded on the point process-modeling framework to capture the time varying weak interactions between cardiac and respiratory system. This integrated framework is employed to detect the cardiorespiratory interactions in preterm infants during their life-threatening events.

Date of publication

Spring 5-5-2021

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Premananda Indic, Ph.D. , Mukul Shirvaikar, Ph.D. , Prabha Sundaravadivel, Ph.D.


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering