Hadi Ebrahimi


A study model of advanced aircraft electric power system (AAEPS) corresponding to B767 Aircraft is developed in the PSIM9 software environment. The performance characteristics of the system under consideration for large sharing of non-linear loads are studied. A comprehensive mathematical model describing system dynamics is derived where the GSSA technique is applied for reduced-order system approximation. The transient and steady-state performance of the hybrid PEM-FC/battery APU integrated to the aircraft electric network is analyzed while different loading scenarios are taken into account. In addition, dynamic bifurcation analysis is employed to characterize the systems stability performance under multi-parameters condition. Also, the power quality of the system is assessed under various loading configurations, and the effect of installing active/passive power filters (APF/PPF) on power quality of the system is investigated for a wide range of operating frequencies.

Date of publication

Fall 8-15-2012

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