Radars form a central piece in a variety of emerging applications requiring higher degrees of localization. However, two problems are anticipated as more radars are deployed: viz., (i) inter-radar interference and (ii) security attacks. While many prior proposals have addressed the problems, no work in the radar literature addressed them simultaneously. In this context, we introduce a novel frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar scheme (namely, BlueFMCW) that aims to alleviate the damage from interference and active attacks (e.g., spoofing). The technique designs that the waveform randomly hops across multiple frequencies to dilute the damage at a certain frequency. Moreover, we propose a phase alignment algorithm to remove the phase discontinuity while combining the beat signals from the randomly-hopped chirps. The simulation results show that the proposed technique can efficiently mitigate the interference and spoofing signals in various scenarios without costing its resolution.


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