Diversity, Social Justice, and the Educational Leader


This manuscript is a theoretical treatise that examines anti-Blackness in the nation’s schools and contributes to the ongoing discussion about how schools can better serve Black students. It is a three-pronged call-to-action for social justice-oriented school leaders. I urge school leaders to 1) examine anti-Black racism as a distinct form of racial discrimination, 2) imagine ways educators can fully humanize Black children in U.S. schools through a disposition characterized by Black cultural reverence, and 3) connect with existing efforts to counter anti-Black racism in schools. To accomplish these goals, I investigated the historical socio-political context that has shaped the educational experiences of Black students and analyzed how the music video for “APES**IT” by The Carters can be a metaphor for centering Black culture in schools. Also important to this paper is an appended list of some of the egregious acts of violence inflicted upon Black students in schools. Although not conclusive, this list attests to the need for urgent and strategic support for Black students.