Diversity, Social Justice, and the Educational Leader


Since the inception of public education in America, students of color have been segregated from their White peers. The historical segregation of Latinx students is a long-standing one, with legal and social repercussions still experienced in the 21st century. While the physical segregation of Latinx students precedes the era of Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the cultural segregation of Latinx students occurs even in today’s supposed post-segregation society. When policymakers fail to protect such students, it is the duty of educational leaders to ensure that the environment, coursework, and curricula of public school campuses help Latinx students feel included, welcomed, and valued. The purpose of this position paper is to examine the historical and legal precedents of Latinx desegregation, to review the existing literature surrounding the physical and cultural segregation of Latinx students, and to explore potential suggestions for educational leaders that may bolster Latinx students’ academic investment and success.