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Best Practices for Planning and Executing Successful Short-Term Study Abroad Programs in Music

Joseph E. Jones, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Beyond Desmond Dekker and Bob Marley: Rastafarianism in Contemporary Reggae and Reggaetón

Nico Schüler, Texas State University

Choosing an HBCU: Factors for Studying Music at a Historically Black College and University

Tanya Allen, Texas Southern University

Dyslexia, Rhythm, and Advocacy for Music

Vicky V. Johnson, Tarleton State University

Equipping DMA Candidates to Win Tenure-Track Jobs

Gerald Klickstein, Principal, Gerald Klickstein Consulting

Equity, Advocacy, Justice, and COVID-19—Programming for the Wind Ensemble of Our Time

Jared Staub, Plymouth State University
Joshua Kearney, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Formative Arts Experiences: The Differential Effect of Evaluative Praise and Encouragement on Sustained Participation in the Arts

Dante Billeci, Michigan State University
Joanna Bosse, Michigan State University

From Scarlatti to Calligaris: A Journey through the Italian Piano Repertoire

Alessandra Tiraterra, Temple University

I Am My Future: A Collaborative Residency in a Youth Detention Facility

Ellie Parker, University of Houston

Johnny Reinhard: A Multi-Faceted Microtonal Maven

Ralph Lewis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Making a Global Difference – One Musician’s Experiences at the United Nations

Liana Valente, Howard University

Moving Out of the Drawing Room and Onto the Stage: The Songs of Maude Valerie White

Elizabeth Blanton Momand, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Pedagogical Piano Works by Diverse composers

Jenna Klein, University of Oklahoma

Shakira! Columbia's Multicultural Musical Icon

Alexandra Zacharella, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

Student-Driven Music Theory: How the Question Formulation Technique Can Promote Curiosity, Agency, and Creative Course Design

Patricia Burt, University of Delaware
Philip Duker, University of Delaware

The Fanfare Orchestra: An Inside look into Flemish Brass Bands

Alexandra Zacharella, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith