The Texas Allergy, Indoor Environment, and Energy Institute (TxAIRE) was developed with an original vision of research capabilities that spread across five broad but cohesive areas: understanding and improving indoor environmental quality, developing unique methods of air filtration, developing indoor air quality sensor technology, reducing residential electrical power requirements, and developing technically based design guidelines. Increased understanding and development of data and technologies in these five areas can make a significant impact on the way residential structures are built and designed in the future.

This comprehensive review of TxAIRE and its relationship to Indoor Air Quality, Energy, and Occupant Comfort places the project in historical and topical context. Discussing the topics and how the TxAIRE structures aim to address and achieve superior performance in these areas is the focus of this thesis.

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Spring 4-27-2018

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Torey Nalbone Ph.D., Michael Gangone Ph.D., Fredericka Brown Ph.D.


Master of Science in Civil Engineering