Calcium-based stabilizing agents such as cement and lime have been extensively used to improve the engineering properties of base and subgrade layers of pavement systems. Recently, polymers and chemical stabilizers have become popular due to cost efficiency, ease of application, and fast curing times. In this study, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values of polymer and chemical treated soils were compared with the CBR values of soils treated with conventional stabilizers. Parametric sensitivity analyses was carried out on key parameters including the type of subgrade soil, stabilizing agent, stabilizing agent treatment levels, and moisture conditioning. Additionally, numerical analyses was performed to explore the impact of various admixtures on the design life of pavement systems. Finally, a cost-effectiveness analysis was performed to determine the economic benefits of stabilizing agents. It was documented that stabilizing agents significantly enhanced the performance of subgrade soils.

Date of publication

Fall 12-10-2020

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Dr. Gokhan Saygili, Dr. Mena Souliman, Dr. Michael Gangone


Master of Science in Civil Engineering