Submissions from 2018


LTPP Data Analysis: Factors Affecting Pavement Roughness for the State of California, Pedro Zavanga, Alisha Khanal, and Mena I. Souliman

Submissions from 2017


Prediction of average annual surface temperature for both flexible and rigid pavements, Karthikeyan Loganathan and Mena I. Souliman

Mechanistic and Economic Impacts of Using Asphalt Rubber Mixtures at Various Vehicle Speeds, Mena I. Souliman, Ragaa Abd El-Hakim, Mark Davis, and Hemant Gc

Mechanistic Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness of Rubber and Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixtures, Mena I. Souliman, Michael Mamlouk, and Annie Eifert


A Mechanistic-Empirical Impact Analysis of Different Truck Configurations on a Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP), Lubinda F. Walubita, Tito P. Nyamuhokya, Stefan A. Romanoschi, Xiaodi Hu, and Mena I. Souliman

Submissions from 2016


Impact of image resolution on pavement distress detection using PICUCHA methodology, Reus Salini, Bugao Xu, and Mena I. Souliman


Mechanistic and Economical Characteristics of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures, Mena I. Souliman and Annie Eifert


Cost-effectiveness of rubber and polymer modified asphalt mixtures as related to sustainable fatigue performance, Mena I. Souliman, Michael Mamlouk, and Annie Eifert

Submissions from 2014


Performance of FRP-Retrofitted Concrete Bridge Columns Under Blast Loading, R. Zheng, P. Zohrevand, H. Erdogan, and Amir Mirmiran

Submissions from 2013

Influence of Warm Mix Additive on Mechanistic, Economical, and Environmental Attributes of a Polymer-Modified Asphalt Mixture, Elie Y. Hajj, Mena I. Souliman, and Edward M. Cortez

Influence of Laboratory Mixing Procedures on Volumetric and Mechanical properties of RAP Mixtures, Elie Y. Hajj, Mena I. Souliman, Peter E. Sebaaly, and Matthew Barton

Submissions from 2012

Refining Conditions of Fatigue Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt, Michael S. Mamlouk, Mena I. Souliman, Waleed A. Zeiada, and Kamil E. Kaloush