Natural killer cells protect against virus infection and tumors. Although initially recognized as a part of the innate immunity, several recent studies have revealed NK cells exhibit immune memory to pathogens and haptens. NK cell memory has also been observed after exposure to combination of cytokines (IL12, IL15, IL18). The cytokine induced memory like NK cells exhibited potent antitumor immunity. To understand the role of cMyc in effector function of cytokine induced memory like NK cells, the effects of cMyc chemical inhibitor and Myc gene deletion by Crispr/Cas9 were studied. We found that treatment with cMyc inhibitor (cMYCi975) reduced NK cell proliferation, IFN-γ production and partially inhibited NK cell mediated tumor cell killing. Moreover, CRISPR/Cas9 mediated deletion of Myc gene was validated using real time PCR and Myc deletion compromised NK cell proliferation. Overall, our results suggested involvement of cMyc in the proliferation and function of cytokine induced memory like NK cells.

Date of publication

Spring 6-6-2022

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Sachin Mulik (Thesis Advisor), Vijay Boggaram, Nargajun Konduru, Ramakrishna Vankayalapati


Master of science in Biotechnology

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