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Learning Global Citizenship: Students and Teachers in Belize and the U.S. Take Action Together


The Belize Education Project seeks to empower Belizean children and teachers by providing professional development for teachers, and books, school supplies and scholarships for students. According to the authors, involving their U.S. students not only helps sustain the initiative, it allows their students to make lasting connections with teachers and children in Belize; develop thoughtful, accurate understandings of the diverse world; and learn that they can make a difference. Their positive response has exceeded the authors' expectations and made it clear that children do indeed "look to you for which way to turn, to learn what to be." In this article, the authors provide an explanation of the Belize Education Project and the vital role their students have assumed in this organization as young global citizens who take action. (Contains 9 notes.)


Social Studies and the Young Learner

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