Research Consortium for Belizean Studies

Theme: The 21st Century Adult Learner

Priscilla Lopez Brown


Problem-based learning is an innovative educational approach that is gaining prominence in higher education using "real world" problems or situations as a context for learning. The present study explored the use of problem-based learning with teacher trainees of the University of Belize. Using a concurrent mixed method design with 74 teachers in training from the Belmopan and the EU Sugar Belt Project in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts, teachers in training were immersed in the development and application of Problem-Based lessons, and learning centres. Identified in survey instruments is that, problem-based learning can be applied across all areas of study of Belize's Primary and Lower Secondary curricula by aligning concepts with authentic problems stimulates critical thinking, and provides the use of a pragmatic approach to teach real- life concepts. Responses from focus group interviews and application of Problem-based learning centres with primary and secondary students are that this inductive model of teaching stimulates higher order learning when compared to other traditional pedagogical practices.