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Resiliency in Uncertainty: Sustaining and Strengthening Primary Education in Belize during the Covid-19 Pandemic


When schools closed for in-person instruction on March 20, 2020, responding to the Covid-19 pandemic was not the only challenge facing the Ministry of Education of Belize. The closure of the country’s borders brought its tourism-based economy to a standstill, leaving many Belizean students and families facing an uncertain economic future. Natural disasters presented further uncertainty, while the outcome of general elections brought a new political party into power. This chapter was generated through consultations with the Ministry of Education of Belize using primary data collection and careful review of relevant comparative literature. Through this consultative process, the authors developed a series of recommendations for the Ministry's response efforts to support primary education. The authors’ proposed recommendations are two-fold: strategies for the immediate mitigation of learning loss and strategies to build a post-pandemic recovery plan beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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